San Francisco treat

27 Mar

I’m back from a three and a half day San Francisco excursion with three of my best friends (rough life, I know).  Lots of Google mapping, Instagramming, and Yelping.  I don’t know how I ever vacationed without an iPhone.

Places of food note (“Fotes,” If you will?):

  1. Blue Bottle Coffee: I don’t want to start throwing around “the best” like Kim Kardashian throws around “I do’s”, but these lattes were creamy, frothy, addicting, and yet still made with skim milk. Literally, some of the greatest espresso and steamed milk mixtures I have ever had. And as if Blue Bottle couldn’t get any better, the breakfast options were also deliciously adorable.  I nibbled on a gingerbread molasses cookie on the go and also helped Betty finish off her brown sugar and butter steel cut oats, which reinforced Julia Childs’ notion that butter does indeed make everything better.
  2. Farm:Table:  We almost missed this place on our morning hike for brunch. A little wooden sign hung above eye level on the outside and inside was a tiny counter and one large kitchen table.  As best friends do, we inadvertently ordered the same thing off of the menu – breakfast sandwich and a coffee.  But this was no greasy diner plate.  A hardboiled egg, ricotta cheese, lightly oiled greens and bacon on a brioche bun.  Why have I kept ricotta to only my lasagnas and occasional veggie pizzas?  Coupled with the hardboiled egg, it was a lighter and less greasy competition to the traditional fried egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.  Breakfast combo #2 I will be attempting to replicate in Philly.
  3. The Slanted Door: I’m not usually one to seek out Asian cuisines, but this was vacation, so branching out from the norm was on the itinerary. I had the cellophane noodles with green onions and fresh dungeness crab meat in a sesame sauce – great flavors and not a heavy dish, quite delightful.  And Tricia and Karen’s chili tofu was a great side plate to steal from as well.

Other “fotes” of San Francisco 2012: In and Out Burger, Dottie’s True Blue Café and Gott’s Roadside


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