What do you mean, she don’t eat no meat?

22 Feb

After 24 years of being a proud, card-carrying carnivore, I’ve decided to be in an open relationship with a vegetarian diet.  I suppose you could say I’ve always been in one, usually preferring a vegetable pizza to a pepperoni pizza.  Scratch that, a girl can have it all: vegetables AND pepperoni.

But really, ask any of my friends – I do love my falafels, eggplant parms, roasted veggies, and hummus.  So, can I get by on only these foods and their non-meat friends?  No more salami, steaks, hot dogs, buffalo wings, or pulled pork for me?  It will be ok, it will be OK.

Here are Alysea’s guidelines for being a commitment-phobe vegetarian:

    1. I will no longer buy meat at the grocery store to cook at home
    2. When dining out, I will strongly consider the vegetarian options
    3. But never sacrifice a true cultural experience or a restaurant’s signature item
    4. Bacon is an American essential and will not be forgotten
    5. Avoid awkward social situations

6. Lamb doesn’t count

Ok, by most definitions, I would not qualify as a vegetarian.  But I am trying something new in an attempt to be healthy. So sue me.  Until then, I will enjoy my home cooked black bean burger with roasted asparagus and sweet potatoes. Mmm.

black bean burger, sweet potatoes and asparagus

black bean burger, sweet potatoes and asparagus


One Response to “What do you mean, she don’t eat no meat?”

  1. triciagtorley February 22, 2012 at 11:42 pm #

    I’m glad we’re continuing to live the same life, as evidenced by your commitment to black bean burgers and bacon 🙂

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