Afternoon tea

11 Dec

Crumpets? Pâté? Sticky pudding? Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Philly any more.

But, ironically, we are.   Instead of a jet to England, I took a Septa bus to Stephen Starr’s, The Dandelion on 18th and Sansom for a birthday outing with Lauren and Aunt Lee-Ann.  The website originally pulled me in with photos of the homey decor, including dainty floral upholstery, mis-matched chairs, and tapestry wallpapered rooms.  A super cozy and adorable place for the winter months, especially that fireplace on the second floor.

With a 2:30pm Sunday reservation, we had access to the brunch AND afternoon tea menu.  Bloody brilliant!  Among our samplings were: The chicken and duck liver parfait, Welsh rarebit (whole grain mustard and cheddar on brioche toast), sticky toffee pudding, and  of course somes scones and short breads with a cup of tea.

Peppermint tea at The Dandelion

Peppermint tea at The Dandelion

The chicken and duck liver parfait was baby’s first pâté, and it was…GREAT.  But let’s not go into too much detail, because anytime that “light and airy” and “meat” may be in the same sentence, is a time better left un-said. However, if you take anything away from this post – try pâté!  It would be worth it just to say “Been there. Done that. Tastes like chicken.”

The sticky toffee pudding was another British find that I checked off of my tasting list: a moist sponge cake swimming in toffee rum sauce around an iceberg of date ice cream. So good that this coffee-fiend was even moved to order a cup of loose leaf peppermint tea to accompany the sweet plate.

From start to finish The Dandelion was a hit.  We loved the cutesy decor, had fun trying fancy Euro plates, and even one week later, I am plotting where to find the next great pâté, sticky pudding, and peppermint tea.  Cheers!

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