Business Brunch with Betty and Mimosas

25 Nov

Betty and I had a business brunch meeting last Sunday morning. Typically, when I have meetings, I caffeinate with coffee and splenda, but Betty and I opted for Parc’s brunch cocktails.  I didn’t bike all the way to Rittenhouse to not have a mimosa.

Once we committed to the cocktail menu, I toyed with the idea of a bloody mary or a spiked apple cider, as they are on my list of foods and drinks that I want to like, but just can’t seem to acquire the taste.  With bloody marys, I feel like I’m drinking cocktail sauce and the spiked cider, it’s warm, I can’t do it. So mimosas it was and disappointed I was not.

After Betty and I had a successful consultation for a custom weaving (here’s her site – hire her!), we re-focused our eyes on the prize: food.  We were both looking for something sweet over something savory, and thus “narrowed” our selections to Parc’s assorted pastries, yogurt parfait, a side of berries, and brioche French toast with apples and hazelnut butter.  Note to self: It is not always ok to fill up on pastries, especially if there is hazelnut butter and French toast on the way.

parc brunch

My morning would have been content with a latte and a muffin, but Parc’s mimosas, assorted plates, and French-y ambiance reminded why it’s good to mix things up every once in a awhile.

Parc on Urbanspoon


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