Can every Monday begin with sunshine and sugar waffles?

22 Aug

I have today off and want to use it to my full advantage.  Plan: Wake up early for lithe and meet Lacey at Bonte for the waffles she has been raving about for months. 

Up early: Check.

Lithe: SEPTA decided to be late and get stuck in traffic, so exercise was a no go.

Waffles: CHECK.  SEPTA may cut into my fitness routine, but they will never take away my breakfast!

Bonte makes Belgian sugar waffles to order, and for an extra .50 you can mix in fruits, nuts, and chocolate chips.  Not that I’m strict about ‘no candy for breakfast’ (hell, we all know my sweet tooth is applicable experience to work at Willy Wonka’s),  but I opted for strawberries and blueberries sans chocolate since I didn’t burn as many calories sitting on a standstill bus than I would have in Lithe class.

Regardless, this waffle was worth the wait.  Crispy on the outside and GOO-ey on the inside.  And the fruit added just the right amount of flavor to the already sugared dough.  Delicious and not too filling.  Now I just need an excuse to go back for one with chocolate and ice cream…

Bonte on Urbanspoon


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