A one act play: The failed search for Corsican Biera Torra

27 Jul

And just when you thought my summer travels had kicked up my fancy factor one too many notches, I’m going to bring it back to my Americana Mac and Cheese reality.

A one act play: The failed search for Corsican Biera Torra

Setting: Ajaccio, Corsica.  Alysea was on the hunt for a Corsican microbrew, to which Pat had no objections.  A grocery store clerk was surprised to see that it was not on their shelves, but instructed the pair to just ask any bar in town. 

Pat: (to a random waiter, in Pat’s best French) “Excuse me sir, does your restaurant have Torra Beer?”

Waiter: (French) “Torra? No.”

Pat: (French) “Do you know where we can try it?”

Waiter: (French) “No where on the island.”

Pat: (French) “No where? Really? Ok, thank you.”

Alysea: (English) “What did he say?”

Pat: (English) “They don’t have it and he says no one on the island has it.”

3pm travel bitch Alysea: “Dude, Lonely Planet says it’s brewed in Ajaccio. I saw a truck yesterday. This is worse than Philadelphia not having PBR.”

Alysea still stands by the fact that the beer exists.  IT WAS IN THE GUIDE BOOK.

Consolation: Stolen Pietra (the Yuengling of Corsica) goblet and nutella/stracciatella glace from a touristy glaceria. I’ll take what I can get. It’s been real Corsica.


One Response to “A one act play: The failed search for Corsican Biera Torra”

  1. Dave Jones August 2, 2013 at 11:31 am #

    We have visited Corsica for many years and look forward to Torra. Not many bars serve it but most supermarkets do. There is a slightly darker “ambree” version too, which I don’t think is as good. Avoid either in cans. We normally stay near Calvi, maybe that makes a difference. While you’re there, don’t forget to try Colomba (white beer) and Pietra, which has chestnut flour in it.

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