Dessert for breakfast…it’s fine.

5 Jun

I used to never order the same thing twice from restaurants (in some kind of effort to conquer a menu, I guess). But lately, I’ve been sticking to signature stand-bys.

Saturday morning I went to Sabrina’s Café on Callowhill for breakfast.  It was the first time for my two friends’, but number four for me.  On my first visit, I had a nice egg white and veggie breakfast wrap…tasty, as is everything at Sabrina’s, but the reason I keep returning and insist on bringing all friends, is the stuffed challah bread French toast.  My sister ordered it last summer and after my first bite, I never looked back.

Stuffed French toast is normally a thick slice of bread with a pocket cut to hold a filling such as a fruit or cheese spreads.  But Sabrina’s makes a cinnamon-y cream cheese sandwich with two slices of sweet challah bread, topped with sliced bananas and maple syrup.  The epitome of a sweet breakfast.

In the fall, I branched out to their stuffed French toast special, which at the time was challah stuffed with cream cheese and chocolate chips and covered in strawberry syrup, and I also tried the pumpkin pancakes, garnished with white chocolate chips.  And for visit number four, I went with the French toast that stole my heart last summer.

Now I enjoy my savory foods, don’t get me wrong. But knowing how delicious Sabrina’s does dessert for breakfast, I have a difficult time ordering anything not covered in sugar and such decisions are not taken lightly.  This past Saturday, my friends and I had to turn the waitress away three times because we just could not make up our minds. I was having a serious internal struggle with whether or not to go with my sweet French toast standby, or to try some eggs benedict with tomato and avocado.  But when a waitress tells you to “just commit,” you know you have to act fast. Snap decisions were made, but no regrets in sight.

Sabrina's Café and Spencer's Too on Urbanspoon

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