Up the Poconos

29 May

If you are not spending MDW DTS, may I recommend going UTP (up the Poconos) and visiting some of these fine eateries in between your hiking and canoeing excursions…

Marita’s Cantina for half-price fajita Mondays:  The busiest Monday night on Main Street, Stroudsburg.  Sizzling plates swing out of the kitchen doors starting at 5pm and portions are never an issue.  Not only are the fajita dinners half price (regularly $14 – $19), but the plates can be shared between at least two people. Consider that twice the discount!   

Pie at the SnyDi:  The Snydersville Diner is where the waitresses wear nurses’ scrubs, your English teacher grows the rhubarb for the strawberry rhubarb pie, and home to the artery clogging vegetable platter (French fries, onion rings, fried broccoli).  But the pie is what brings me to my village diner. They keep your standard apple, berries, and chocolate cream seven days a week while sprinkling in seasonal pumpkins, crumbs, Mr. Steen’s rhubarb and peanut butter specialties throughout the week and seasons, making for a consistently large selection.

Breakfast at Mollie’s.  I think I have tried almost everything on their breakfast menu, and as if they are all my children, I just can’t name a favorite.  Whether you want a pancake of the day, a veggie filled frittata, granola, or a bagel with lox, Mollie’s is a nice alternative to our standard, but not to be downplayed diners.

Just like there is a token diner in every nook and cranny of Monroe County, there is also the necessary ice cream stand within a ten mile radius from any one point in the Poconos.  Jane’s would be nearest to my parents’ house, always good for a soft serve twist with sprinkles, but I can’t not mention Big Star Drive-in.  In high school, our favorite line was, “can I have two scoops of your grandma?” (it never caught on as we had hoped) aka two scoops of Grandma’s Apple Pie Ice Cream – vanilla ice cream with bits of apples, pie crust and swirls of cinnamon.   Where’s a blue ribbon? Because when someone can take the best of diner menus and turn it into a frozen novelty, that’s what I like to call a WINNER.



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