Philadelphia Fancy: XIX

14 May

Here’s to my fanciest venture yet.  This past Tuesday I went to XIX, the restaurant/café/bar on the top (and 19th) floor of The Hyatt at the Bellevue for drinks after work. Fancy, swanky, sparkly, shiny, you name the high-end adjective and XIX is it.  The décor was a mix of Miss Scarlet in the Study with the revolver (but replace murder mystery with pearly chandeliers and sweet cocktails) and sleek contemporary lounge, and it works.


Philadelphia fancy for me is usually going to the salad bar at Whole Foods and eating on the steps of the Art Museum, or getting to look at the Wolfgang Puck catering menu for work. Otherwise I am quite content with a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy and sweet potato fries for a night out, which is a step up from Miller Lite and Tostitos at home. But if you have known me long enough or have ever seen my coffee table books/the fact that I have coffee table books, you know that I have not-so-secret ambitions to emulate the grace and style Jackie Kennedy and more recently Kate Middleton.  Therefore, I was all about putting my sophisticated hat on after work to see XIX and its views of the city.

Being that I elevated my venue for a Tuesday evening, I felt it appropriate to upscale my drink order as well:  Basil Pomegranate Margarita: siembra azul resposado tequila, pomegranate liqueur, fresh lime juice, and organic basil aka a pink drink in a fancy glass. And as delicious as expected, so I had two.

I wouldn’t mind sampling more of XIX’s other signature cocktails at another happy hour, but if I can’t get my fancy up to par, maybe I will just drape my apartment in strands of pearls and crystals next time I decide to play bartender or while flipping through my Newsweek Royal Wedding photo montage.  It’s all about ambiance.


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