Everybody loves baseball season

5 Apr

It’s baseball season!

This coming from the girl who cried during her 2nd grade softball game so she could go home early.  Or maybe that was West End soccer fall 1995?  Well, it was definitely softball when I wanted to be catcher because I thought I didn’t have to run. And ask me how many times I caught that ball bigger than my hand…but I digress.

Back to 2011: Opening weekend at Citizens Bank Park. Houston Astros vs. Philadelphia Phillies.  CILFF LEE. Again, why am I so excited?

Baseball is a sign of warm weather and there is just something about being in a place where everyone is rooting for the same team.  I think the camaraderie of this city during (successful) sports seasons is what puts a smile on my face. And the frequency of tailgating doesn’t hurt either.

On Saturday, my oh-so-sporty roommate brought me to the Phillies’ first night game of the 2011 season.  In return, I asked Lauren to give up her Friday night and entire Sunday to help me with work events at the Kimmel Center.  Equal? Well, we didn’t exactly get so pumped for the Verdi Requiem that we took a bunch of photos to send to our friends and family to make them jealous. 

I just have the best roommate.

The first sign that this past Saturday’s Phillies’ game was going to be awesome: Our seats – right along the first base line.  Lauren was as excited as a kid with free ice cream.

Second sign: FREE ICE CREAM. 

Third sign: Free face painting!  The last time I had my face painted was probably around the same time I wasn’t catching softballs and let me tell you, fifteen years lost.

As if I wasn’t already reverting back to my childhood, I also found the jackpot of cheap ballpark food in the kids’stand. $2 hot dogs.  None of this overpriced-covered-in-artificial-liquid-cheese-but-tastes-so-good-it-makes-you-sick-food.  This was a plain and simple, normal sized hot dog from a stand that also had mini soft pretzels, go-gurts and juice.  Probably a message from the childhood obesity police, but I’m all about the prices.  Of course, I ordered with my $7.75 Miller Lite in hand and decided it was the best of both worlds. WINNING. Which the Phillies did as well.


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