I left my phone at work, I should probably text my roommate.

23 Mar

I have been home for a little while without my phone and if you didn’t already know that I’m borderline in love with my iphone 4, I am now fully disclosing my technology dependence saviness.

Tonight I was going to go to an exercise class for which I bought a coupon from LivingSocial, but my printer is broken so no paper proof of purchase and now I can’t pull up the LivingSocial App… which I would do to be environmentally conscious.

I guess I could call the studio and find out if they have a record of the purchase.

Since exercise is off my list for this evening, I also don’t have to worry about using Google Maps to get to the studio, by car, trolley, or foot, in real time traffic.

And the thunder and lightning outside can tell me there’s a storm. Thanks but no thanks Weather Channel!

The real question is – how am I going to wake up in the morning without my phone’s alarm clock?  Time to learn how to work the clock next to my bed. 

Although, maybe I will actually wake up on time since I won’t be able to check my email from bed and rationalize a few more minutes of laying down.

I will survive, but in 14 hours, I shall have my phone and return to my instant-gratification life. 


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