Chestnut Hill Cafés: 3 C’s = A+

14 Mar

While at Mugshots this weekend, some of my college roommates let me know they would be spending the afternoon in the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia. Always looking for an alternative to productivity, I wrapped up the work I was doing to meet them. I thought spending the day outside on a sunny day was a much better use of my time than on my couch or in my office.

I had been told that Chestnut Hill was a hot spot for bakeries and cafés, and we struck GOLD in the Night Kitchen Bakery, a business I had read about and seen on a TLC wedding special (no I’m not getting married, I’m just female). Wanting a place to sit and catch up, we walked south on Germantown Avenue towards the blue awning store front. The three of us immediately started ooing and ahhing over the coffee and dessert menu, which must have become increasingly loud as an employee pointed out their table service. We hadn’t even looked past the glass case of goodness to see that there was a full service eatery.

After much contemplation, we decided on iced lattes with whip cream and chocolate chip sprinkles (the answer is always “yes” when asked “Would you like whip cream with that?”) and a gelato cookie sandwich to share. Now, you really can’t go wrong with the three C’s – chocolate, cookies, and coffee. But the Night Kitchen Bakery definitely earned an A+ in my culinary grade book. The cookie sandwich was oversized, stuffed with chocolate gelato and presented on a plate of chocolate sauce. Not to be outdone, the iced lattes were made with cubes of frozen coffee to eliminate the diluted end of an iced coffee drink – GENIUS and do-it-yourself-able.

Night Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Not only was I able to enjoy the nice early spring weather and discover another neighborhood of the city; I more importantly got to catch up with close friends doing what we do best, chatting with a side of espresso and dessert.


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