Productivity measured in bagels

13 Mar

Is there a correlation between food and productivity?  Probably not, but I tell myself there is as an excuse to buy breakfast and hang out at local coffee shops on weekends.  Bagels have been my incentive to finish my grad school application during the last few months, and although I don’t think I can prove a positive ratio between cream cheese and pages written, I have become quite the connoisseur of organic brunch menus.

This weekend I went to Mugshots Brewerytown to finish my personal statement which called for a chai tea latte and cinnamon raisin bagel with organic peanut butter.  I decided to go with the sweeter of my two usual orders from this baby sister café of Mugshots Fairmount and Mugshots Manayunk.  This company has yet to disappoint me, from breakfast empanadas to oversized cupcakes, and my occasional local produce order.  

My essay is now in the hands of my brother who will determine if it was the bagel talking when I closed my laptop and said, “DONE!”  Until then, I leave you with my list of occasions to visit your corner coffeeshop:


2. My grad school application is due this Tuesday (I don’t know who would procrastinate something like this…)

3. I have to be at work early (and now wake up earlier to buy breakfast)

4.  No more milk to make my own coffee

5.  Do you really need an excuse?  Food is always better when someone else makes it. 

Mugshots on Urbanspoon


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